does dermal filler make you puffy?

Happy Friday everyone! I’m answering some common questions about dermal filler treatments today:

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Q: Does dermal filler make you look puffy?

A: The answer is absolutely not; hyaluronic acid dermal filler can actually be used to sculpt and slim all areas of the face; it’s all about understanding anatomy and the aging process👍🏼

Q: Why do some people look puffy when they've had filler treatment?

A: It’s down to the practitioner and product used. Clients need qualified practitioners who will give them ethical advice and use high quality products. As a nurse working in hospitals I was taught to look after patients as if they were my own family members and I apply this to my clinic today.

Q: How is the 'Pillow Face' look avoided?A: My style is very natural, aiming to simply put back what was there before, and my clients rarely look 'done' - just fresher and rested. To help me achieve this I often ask people to show me a photo of themselves 10 to 15 years before we start treatment, especially if they have lost a lot of weight recently. I can then use the photo as a benchmark. I also use high quality products and place it carefully, working with your unique facial structure.

Q: Is there any downtime after treatment?

A: You can carry on with your daily routine after a dermal filler treatment. Do expect some tenderness, swelling and possibly bruising too, avoid exercise for 24 hours and alcohol for a few days. Sleep as normal. Lighter skin tones tend to bruise more easily and as bruising can be a telltale sign, I recommend people who are having full facial rejuvenation- like the ladies in these pics - may want to take a few days off after or plan their treatment appointment before the weekend

Q: What is the main aim of dermal filler?

A: I actually prefer this to botox because hyaluronic acid fillers refresh faces, helping people to appear less tired when applied correctly by hydrating the skin, smoothing out lines and gently removing sagging areas like the jowls and disguising under eye heaviness. They can also even out with facial asymmetry which most of us have to some degree.

I always advocate following a balanced, healthy lifestyle and skincare routine to get the best possible treatment results.

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