How the Oatmeal Mask can soothe skin irritated by 2020 Lockdown

Lockdown has been rough for us all, and it has had its effects on our body, including our skin!

There are a number of ways the global pandemic has affected our skin, and I am going to cover a few of these in the following, with a remedy to help you get back to your glowing, beautiful skin in no time!

First of all, wearing a mask for periods of time (even just for getting on public transport) can irritate the face, causing redness, dry patches and breakouts (commonly known as 'maskne'). I know it’s a necessity to keep us all safe, and I am not under any circumstances saying that you should not wear your mask, but it is a factor contributing to people’s skin being considerably worse during this time.

As well as that, during this lockdown, people are staying indoors a lot more, especially at the peak of the pandemic when you were only allowed an hour of exercise a day. Fresh air is restorative for the skin and provides it with moisture to avoid that itchy dryness a lot of us have most likely experienced. With fresh air, the skin can breathe and this means it is able to remove toxins that cause irritation. Less time spent outside = lowered ability for the skin to rejuvenate and restore.

People are drinking more alcohol in these uncertain times: a fact that does not have much of a positive impact on the skin either. In the UK, alcohol sales were up by 22% in March and in the US they have risen 55% compared to the same period last year; quite a big jump if you really sit and think about it. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and can also cause 'pillow face' where puffiness is evident, so if you are drinking more alcohol than normal and can’t understand why your skin has worsened over lockdown, now you know!

But never fear, there are remedies you can make at home for both you and your family without even having to leave your house! The one I am going to share today is best for irritated skin, and as silly as it might make you feel, it really will work! I wouldn’t recommend this treatment on an empty stomach, so eat up and then get mixing.

This simple oatmeal, honey and yogurt mask is so simple yet so effective. The oatmeal mask requires you to mix two tablespoons each of oatmeal, natural yogurt and honey, then slather over

your face and neck. That’s right, you might look like goldilocks who has had her face in a bowl on porridge, but my oh my, it will be worth it! Double or triple the ingredients and get your kids involved too. Suitable for all skin types, and especially good for irritated, sensitive, mature and dry types. So give it a go, and let me know! But try not to snack on your face mask!

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