Now is the perfect time to take better care of your skin and cleansing twice daily is a good place to start. Follow me @EmmaColemanSkin in social channels for more skincare tips xx

When strip it back and look at the science, there are a set of simple skincare steps you can follow, and if you keep to them consistently, you will notice positive results. Committing to a daily skincare routine keeps your skin clear, radiant and healthy and will help protect it for the future. Cleansing covers make-up removal, pore cleansing and exfoliation of dead skin cells.

As we sleep, a thin layer of sweat and sebum forms over your skin, which can lead to congestion and breakouts, so start each day with a morning cleanse to prevent pore clogging and create a good makeup base. Studies have shown the ageing effects which pollutants can have on our skin as we pass through each day, so it is vital that we cleanse again before bed.

What type of cleanser is right for you? Adolescents and teenagers should go for a milky product with a pH of around 7 (neutral). If you have acne-prone skin, using a glycolic face wash or cleanser three times weekly will keep pores clear and skin exfoliated, so that spots are prevented and any which do form can come to the surface more easily, making you less likely to squeeze them! Rosacea, eczema, sensitive and mature skins should go with a cleansing balm which offers a much gentler, hydrating way of cleansing.

Wear your sunscreen each day - even when it is overcast and cloudy, to protect your skin from longterm sun damage. @EmmaColemanSkin

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